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Simrad GC85

We Repair Simrad GC85 Gyro Compass.
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The unique technology in the GC85 gyrocompass eliminates the need for annual service. The highest possible accuracy and stability is provided by a sophisticated and fully sealed sensitive element.

  • IMO Approved
  • Very low RPM reduces wear and increases lifetime
  • Swappable sensitive elements for onboard service
  • Sensitive elements require no annual servicing
  • No oil change and quick installation
  • Full 2 year warranty


 simrad GC85

 The Simrad GC85 gyrocompass is the ideal solution for the advanced DP system needed in offshore industry. Shipowners as well as DP system providers all over the world have learned that the Simrad GC series gyrocompass offers the most flexible gyro compass solution on the market. A combination of a Dual- and an Expanded system, consisting of all together three gyro compasses will offer a DP vessel all the heading and control information needed for effective operations under the most harsh conditions. The simple and quick installation and set-up process as well as the fact that no annual service is required makes a Simrad gyro system the best solution for any 24/7 operator. The world wide service and warranty network ensures extra support whenever needed.




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Product Width 340 mm \ 13.4 in
Product Depth 340 mm \ 13.4 in
Product Height 438 mm \ 17.2 in
Product Weight 23 kg \ 50.71 lbs


Type Approval Wheelmark IMO: MSC97 (73), 13.2.6 (2000 HSC Code) IEC: 60945, 61162 ISO: 6328 (2001)

  • Anschutz STD-4,
  • Anschutz STD-6, STD-12, STD-14
  • Anschut Gyrostar
  • Anchutz STD-20, STD22
  • Navigat I, Navigat II - III
  • Navigat X MK1
  • Navigat X MK2
  • Nacigat 2100
  • TOKIMEC-Tokyo Keiki
  • ES-100 / GM-20 / GM-21
  • TG-5000
  • TG-6000
  • TG-8000
  • CMZ 200
  • CMZ 300 / CMZ 300X
  • CMZ 500 / CMZ 700
  • CMZ 900
  • RGC 11
  • RGC 12
  • RGC 50
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